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May 3, 2009, 15:47
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This is a blog about 2 of the passions in my life: fiction writing and horse riding. I can’t help it if they’re homonyms!

I am a beginner at both, though I practice writing 5 days a week and only riding 1 day.

I am working on completing my first novel, currently on the 3rd draft. This is hard work, but probably the toughest part is the self disciplining part! FYI: the book is not in any particular genre. Literature I like to call it, and hope that others will too.

I have been riding horses for 2 years now, at a local riding school. We do a little bit of dressage (I cringe to call it that, but it is the aspiration) and a little jumping, but mostly just practive the 3 gaits 😉

My aim in this blogspace is to give voice to my ponderings about horses and riding, and everything to do with writing fiction. I do hope that my insights will hold some value to people other than myself (otherwise I would have bought a diary with lock and key), but mostly I just want to share because I get so excited!

Dea Kristensen


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Hurray! Here you are! I’m so happy! Looking forward to reading your horseback riding stories!


Comment by Marie-Claude Gagnon

Hey Marie-Claude!
Thanks so much for the encouraging words! I hope you are back to blogging soon!

Comment by deakristensen

Dea, looking forward to your ponderings about writing and riding! I am sure it will be interesting.

Comment by Salix

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