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May 13, 2009, 17:27
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I read rather a lot. I don’t want to do full book reviews, but I would like to tell you a

Enduring love

Enduring love

little bit about the books I’m reading.

Enduring love by Ian McEwan – I am only on page 46, so can’t say much yet. However, I have also read Amsterdam, Black Dogs, On Chesil Beach, Saturday and Atonement by the same author. I really enjoy reading his work, as it always pays off in the end in a major way. I have to admit though, that I think atleast a small part of the feeling of the gigantic payoff comes from the fact that I have sometimes been bored stiff while reading through. Then when he turns it and reveals this magical shiny thing right in front of me, it seems so much more amazing and bright because the going has been so grey and uphill. My problem, basically is that Ian McEwan is a contemporary writer, but his voice is a 19th century one. Just a little after Jane Austin.

Unfortunately I started to read this british author’s books at the same time I started to read another british author’s books: Martin Amis. Now, I love Martin Amis (don’t tell my husband – or Martin Amis, that would be embarrasing if I ever met him or his wife) and you just cannot compare the two, but I do! They are both brilliant, but in comparison, McEwan is your uptight aunt who stares at you for too long, obviously wondering (with unbelievable distaste) what dirty places your privates have been.

The bad boy of British Lit

The bad boy of British Lit

The good boy of British Lit

The good boy of British Lit

I feel like a bully when I think of them at the same time. I now understand the smugness that bullies get out of hounding their victims.

So, to my pure lol delight, on page 40 McEwan writes “The unnamed sensation returned, this time in the form of a pricking along my nape and a rawness in my gut which resolved itself, for the third time that day, into an unreliable urge to crap.” Oh, if only he had said shit – I would have switched sides! Brilliant!

My recommendation for a first Ian McEwan book: Black Dogs. Beautiful, important, grave and deep.


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