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Lady in green
June 6, 2009, 09:36
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This week I got just what I needed at the barn: trail-ride!

We took the whole hour walking, trotting and galloping through the trails in the woods. When I got to the barn on my bike (it’s a 35 minute ride to get there – and for this reason I am looking into switching riding schools – more to come about that later) there were dark clouds gathering overhead. In addition to that, there was some sort of EU election party going on, very close to the barn, with really loud music, so I didn’t think we were really going to ride out. Therefore, I chose a horse that I hadn’t ridden before; she was on the list and I was first to chose, so I figured this was my chance. I rode Lady:



I’m not sure how old she is, but I’d guess something like 10 or 12. She’s quite tall and with my dummy method of measuring in comparison to my forehead, that’s 16.3 hands. As you can see, Lady is very elegant, with those long legs, and if I may say so myself, I looked rather fetching on top of her! I had no idea what she would be like to ride, especially on the trails, so was really hoping for an arena hour. Last time we rode out Pia explained to us  that this was what horses were really like! – All wild and spooky and wanting to gallop! (:o oh my!)

That’s probably why  Pia  insisted that we ride out and claimed that it wouldn’t be her fault if we got wet.

Anyway, everything was fine! It was a blast! Lady is one of the smoothest riding horses I’ve ever ridden! Her trot, canter and gallop were all smo-oth, her back hardly moving. She was very comfortable. And for such a big horse!

Also, she was very calm. What she was most interested in was yanking off leaves from the trees and bushes and munching. The trails are so lush right now that most of the time there was green right in front of her face and so I couldn’t stop her.

Just what I needed! This week I have been doing the final read-through of my novel before I pass it off to two trusted readers. My baby going out into the world and all that. Sink or swim. I’m nervous!

A quick update on last week’s riding class, which I didn’t have time to blog about.

I rode one of my favourite horses (like: if I could, I would buy this horse. If he was for sale, if I could afford a horse, if I was experienced enough to own a horse, etc etc.) Varo:



He’s 7 years old. Spunky, fun, thinks he’s a rock-star, but is scared silly by an awful lot of stuff. I’ve ridden him before when he’s been really spooky and once when he bucked and tried to take off repeatedly, but now I know that it’s all just for fun. And, he never got me off. He really doesn’t jump very high and he takes short steps, so it’s easy to stay with him when he lurches to the side.

Most memorable moment from last week’s ride: inside leg to outside rein!

I got it! It worked! Bent horse around my inside leg, flexed head/neck a bit to the inside, pushed him out with inside leg, felt him fill out the outside rein (while keeping flexion to inside), instantly followed him down with the outside rein and voila! He was on the bit! He lifted his back!

I lost it in the trot because I can’t sit and apparently even my posting is not too smooth. But I got it back in the canter!

He is a superstar! In my book at least (well, he’s not actually in the book, silly).

Only thing is that he totally loses forwardness when he’s collected. I know, that doesn’t sound right to me either. But he does. He’s lovely, but he could canter in the spot. Guess I should have attempted a pirouette! It’s like, as soon as he’s pushed on, he resists. Like collection is not so much about strutting for him, but that rather, he just feels really good! Does that make sense?


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