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They said Yes!
June 28, 2009, 17:21
Filed under: New job?

IKEA Communications offered me a job!

I will be writing copy for the catalogue and website starting in the middle of August. It seems like it is a fantastic place to work and I am excited about the opportunity.

My husband and I are going ‘home’ to Canada for a visiting vacation in 3 weeks. Then when we get back, I will have to start at my new job. That means I will be busy for the next three weeks. I want to have my manuscript ready to ship out before we leave for Canada. One of my beta-readers has just finished with it and the feedback has been pretty good so far. A lot to correct though. Also, one huge issue, in  that he didn’t pick up on a major reveal. Basically, the whole story changes when the reader realizes what is going on. I’m hoping that my other beta-reader will have cracked it. When I was incorporating the secret behind the story, into the story, I tried to be really careful not to give away too much; I didn’t want to be hitting the reader over the head with it. Well, seems I didn’t even touch him. Ooh, I hope the other b-reader caught it. Otherwise, I think I will have to give the manuscript to a third person for a read-through after I’ve made the corrections. Might be a good idea anyway.

Somehow, getting feedback is nowhere near as scary as I thought!


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