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They said Yes!
June 28, 2009, 17:21
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IKEA Communications offered me a job!

I will be writing copy for the catalogue and website starting in the middle of August. It seems like it is a fantastic place to work and I am excited about the opportunity.

My husband and I are going ‘home’ to Canada for a visiting vacation in 3 weeks. Then when we get back, I will have to start at my new job. That means I will be busy for the next three weeks. I want to have my manuscript ready to ship out before we leave for Canada. One of my beta-readers has just finished with it and the feedback has been pretty good so far. A lot to correct though. Also, one huge issue, in  that he didn’t pick up on a major reveal. Basically, the whole story changes when the reader realizes what is going on. I’m hoping that my other beta-reader will have cracked it. When I was incorporating the secret behind the story, into the story, I tried to be really careful not to give away too much; I didn’t want to be hitting the reader over the head with it. Well, seems I didn’t even touch him. Ooh, I hope the other b-reader caught it. Otherwise, I think I will have to give the manuscript to a third person for a read-through after I’ve made the corrections. Might be a good idea anyway.

Somehow, getting feedback is nowhere near as scary as I thought!


Well Now.
June 3, 2009, 10:10
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She said and sat back, grinning mightily. Next week I have an interview with the fine folks at IKEA. Wish me luck and professionalism!

My fictional demise
June 1, 2009, 17:03
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I have been busy writing a copy test for IKEA because they have an opening for a junior copywriter. A good friend of mine works there as a copy writer and she encouraged me to send my resume with cover-letter.

joke ikea job interview

joke ikea job interview

This would be a really fun job for me, so I’m hoping it works out!

On to other news! My plan was to hand over my novel manuscript to 2 readers this weekend. Surprise – I didn’t have time to do the final read through! Now the moment of my fictional demise will have to wait a few days. Yes, I am nervous, of course.  However, I am also 100% committed to making my book the best it can be! At this point that means that I have to get the input of other people.

I will let you know how it goes… If anyone else has gone through this process and you want to share, please do! Did anything your critics said surprise you? Are you still friends? Were you totally defeated or were you excited to move on and make the changes needed?